Friday, June 7, 2013

Grocery shopping in NYC on a budget

I've posted my receipts from my grocery store crawl and other, more specific trips, but here's a recent receipt when we were "out of everything". We've also been on a tight budget recently, so I wanted to spend less than $40 and get food for a week or so. I'll add to this - we have a stockpile of pasta from when it went on sale for $1/box (brought home 30 boxes of pasta that week, and loving it). We also have a freezer full of meat that we got from FreshDirect with a $50 off coupon (spent $145, so $195 worth of meat; planning to post on that at some point, too). So - with that in mind - here's what I spent this week (need to go back for milk, olive oil, and beans) at my local grocery store, FoodTown:

Grape Tomatoes: 2 pints @ $2.49/pint (on sale)
Loose Carrots: 1.35 lbs (6 or so carrots) @ 1lb/$.99
28oz can of crushed tomatoes: 5 cans @ $1/can (on sale - usually $2.19/can)
Small can of tomato paste: 3 cans @ $.59/can
Vidalia Onions: 1.56 lbs (2 large onions) @ 1lb/$1.29
"Apple Jacks" in-a-bag (off-brand cereal): $2.29
"Froot Loops" in-a-bag (off-brand cereal): $2.29
Red Delicious Apples: 2.47 lbs (5 or 6 apples) @ 1lb/$1.99 (least expensive apples this week)
Strawberries: $2.99 (on sale)
Salad mix, Spring Mix/Spinach: $2.99
Blueberries: 2 pints @$1.99/pint (on sale - usually $4.99/pint)

TOTAL: $34.57

As you can see, the focus was on fresh ingredients, sale items, and stocking up to make homemade pasta sauce (way more delicious than the jar and inexpensive/easy to make). We keep a stock of 'pantry staples', like rice, flour, sugar, seasonings/spices, etc., so we just needed things to complement that. I hope this helps people out there curious about NYC or looking to move here!

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